Swing (part 2)

It’s probably a good idea to scroll down and read the previous post before this one.

After I wrote the previous post I did some internet searching. To spare you the embarrassment of searching for “swinging”, you know.
I found a great video by Aimee Nolte, which deals with many of the points I touched on. If you don’t know Aimee, she is a fine musician, an excellent explainer and a natural to camera. Her stuff is free, and I wish I could be as Californian about things as she is.
Aimee has a lot to say about how quarter notes – and thus a walking bass, or four-to-the-bar guitar chords – can swing like crazy. Her first example is the Count Basie Orchestra playing April in Paris. There are several recordings, but I think she means the famous 1955 version.

Next, Oscar Peterson playing C Jam Blues. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Aimee points out how Ray Brown swings on the bass. And I am pleased to say she mentions piano fingering that can help to make this tune swing.

Another example I should have thought of: Nina Simone and My Baby Just Cares For Me. Points covered here: how words can swing; how silence can swing; how Nina Simone not only can but does swing, in a style that others can only imitate. Excellent.

I am providing some links, but I don’t promise to maintain these. Youtube videos frequently disappear because of alleged copyright infringements. A quick search will usually turn up another copy of the recording you want.
Another fine promise that I won’t make, is to name composer and lyricist for every tune, and to name personnel on every recording. Usually these things are pretty simple to find out if you are interested. Often you need look no further than Wikipedia. However, I will try to mention names when I believe something is misattributed or an injustice has been done.
Before I forget, here is Aimee Nolte.

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